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Advertising & Marketing Communications Translation into Spanish

We can help your company or organization to reach Hispanics in the US and Spanish speaking countries by creating culturally relevant translations/transcreations.

US Hispanics are not created equal. Besides the obvious cultural and regional differences, there are different levels of acculturation that are important to consider before addressing a specific audience.

When it comes to translations for marketing/advertising, a literal translation isn’t always the best approach. More often than not, creative messages in one language don’t translate well into another language.

If you search the Internet, you’ll surely find dozens of examples of bad literal translations or translation mistakes. Two classic ones are:

- When American Airlines wanted to promote its new First-Class leather seats for the Mexican market, they translated their advertising message literally. So “Fly in leather” became in Spanish “Vuela en cuero”, which in Mexico has a negative connotation: “Fly naked’.

- An American t-shirt factory printed t-shirts for Miami’s Hispanic market, promoting the Pope’s visit to this city. Instead of saying “I saw the Pope” (“Yo vi al Papa”), the shirts stated “I saw the potato” (“Yo vi la Papa”).

More than a literal translation, creative messages call for a Transcreation. Your message translated with our creative input and cultural adaptation.


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